App Store in iTunes 12 for Windows and Mac

iTunes is among the very most significant desktop programs for every iOS user because it’s crucial to handling an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The new iTunes features a fine OS X Yosemite divine appearance and brings some quite noticeable developments to the UI. Among the changes we found is associated with how you access the App Store, which will be distinct than the older variants. In case you are vexed with all the new iTunes 12 layout and can’t get the App Store subsequently keep reading to solve this issue.


You may be shown a menu that will record Programs as well as a few other alternatives like Publications, Podcasts and much more. Click on programs.

On another page you’ll notice programs you’ve got downloaded in the shop. In the top-middle portion of your display there will probably be menu with several choices including App Store, click onto it to get the App Store.

That’s it! Now you need to take the App Store, which seems same as it did before.

Block Safari Adult Content iOS 9

Everyone might not be a lover of the Safari browser but the truth is it’s enhanced a lot with all the launch of iOS 9. The brand new appearance, characteristics and equilibrium help in making it among the very employed cellular web browsers ever. Safari has many built in attributes that users are unaware of and this contains its ability to block any web site on users request.
With this particular feature users can’t merely block sites of their choice however they are also able to tell Safari to automatically block all sites that consist of mature content, a feature which is valued by parents.
Heres tips on how to configure and use Safaris limited sites feature in your system.
Besides blocking NSFW sites you may also make use of the limitation attribute to block specific sites you would like to prevent yourself from seeing. Including sites with an adverse affect on your own productivity like facebook.
Next look for Limitations choice and open it. You might need to enter passcode with this page so that you can get it.
There you will see several choices, simply tap to the Limit Mature Alternative in case you would like to block all mature sites. It is also possible to pick Unique Websites provided that you just need to block your wanted web pages just.
No matter which choice you selected above it is possible to add special sites in the Never Let section of the web site limitations page.
See there is an alternative of Always Let. This choice may be used to permit use of sites which were erroneously blocked by mature content filter.
Thats it! It’s possible for you to discuss your ideas about that attribute in the remarks section below.

The instructional guide on setting up Cydia without jailbreaking iOS 8 or iOS 8.1

What can I say about the above mentioned question is that probably I am not the only one who wonders how to make it. After a sort of research on different websites, forums, Youtube, Google, asking myself if I can establish and download Cydia without jailbreaking my iDevice, I came to a conclusion that it is not possible to install Cydia program on a non-jailbreak iDevice.


The first thing that should be done is undoubtedly to jailbreak the iDevice. The reason and the difference is that Cydia must have a base access on your iOS, but this thing is not possible on non-jailbreak iOS Cydia because the Apple Company has established this limit. So that’s why, when you have a new brand Apple gadget and want to be able to access a third party app you are ought to install Cydia program.

OpenAppMKT vs vShare vs HipStore vs Installous vs AppDB

Believe me instead of using OpenAppMKT I recomannd HipStore for iOS 8 because it has the most free cydia and iphone apps. There are lots of great installous alternatives including vshare and AppDB, try them all but don’t forget to buy the app after you try it. If you purchase the app you’ve tested you’ll have the lastes version in your iPhone or iPad.

Anyway I want to show you a few steps which I followed in establishing Cydia on my non-jailbreak iDevice, and in result failed to do this. If you wish you may give it a try and see what will happen. In order for this to work we will need Cydia OpenAppMkt.

The way to establish Cydia on your non-jailbreake iOS 8 or iOS 8.1:

  1. The first step is to find your OpenAppMkt and download Cydia.
  2. Then click on “Free” button to transfer the package to your computer.
  3. After the download ended, a pop up window will appear and then you can install the application.
  4. On your home screen option click on Add menu.
  5. After the load of the Cydia icon is completed, please click on Add button.
  6. Now you will be able to see the Cydia icon on your iDevice.
  7. After you have started the process please wait for the download to complete.

In that moment a problem appeared, a White Screen and the iPhone instantly suspended so as to save it you should restart it. If you want you can keep OpenAppMkt to install other free apps.

As I have noticed earlier after doing a small research on the internet, I have found different methods and ways to do this but all of them are false and inefficient. I can say that I tried most of them but none of this succeeds on my iPhone. Somehow it may happen this to work on your iDevice but be careful there is no guarantee that you may not have different issues to face with, so my sincere suggestion and recommendation for you is to first jailbreak your iOS 8, iOS 8.1 or iOS 7 and then to install Cydia on the iPhone to be able to use of third party cydia related apps and much more.


Best Cydia Tweaks of 2015

The years coming to a finish.

See a tweak we lost talking about? Dont forget to remark about it!

The tellings are reachable with a swipe to another page to the lockscreen.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $0.99


Unlock7 is a little tweak to include an iOS 7-like unlock attribute to any or all iOS 6 apparatus. Older variants don’t have this attribute. Unlock7 makes sure you receive this attribute on your own apparatus running iOS 6.

Repo: ModMyi
Cost: Free


Quite useful in the event you browse a good deal on Safari.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free


The Messages program provides you with a privacy setting where you are able to conceal message previews to the lockscreen. However, what in the event you would like other programs to truly have a similar setting?

Repo: Private (
Cost: Free


Anemo is the most amazing fast-response tweaks weve seen in 2013. The user experience, the interface as well as the entire layout make Anemo worth the hefty price tag it comes with. Additionally, its a sound tweak that doesnt go berserk only when you need it to work right.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $2.99


Reminisce is a wonderful tweak that brings the fast-launching-from-recent-programs matter to iOS ecosystem. Its one of a kind tweak which makes it possible to open recently-obtained programs fast. The execution is kickass.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


Who said iPhones couldnt manage multi-tasking?

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


PanoMod enables panorama picture capture in older iPhone versions running iOS 6.

Repo: ModMyi
Cost: Free


This one is for lovers of launchers. Its quite versatile, letting you get quite lots of your preferred programs fast. And fairly customizable also.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


NCSearch adds search the internet capacity to the notification facility. Instead of opening Safari/Chrome, you can simply swipe down the telling facility and kind to search.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free


VineDownloader will allow you do that without any hassle.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $0.99


What goes on when Spotlight search abruptly becomes a good one who is able to answer fundamental questions just like Siri does? SmartSearch magically transforms Limelight search into an intelligent machine at which you can type who’s the President? and get the correct response. Test with it!

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free


However, what in the event you can simply control the music via gestures to the lockscreen? Swipes command the tune, the volume and double tap to play/pause how does it seem? Trendy? Attempt LockMusic afterward.

Repo: MacCiti
Cost: Free


However, outstanding tweak.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


An easy swipe shoves the tellings away.

Repo: ModMyi
Cost: Free

How to SSH your iDevice using Cyberduck

downloadIn this article we are going to present How to SSH into your iDevice. But if you want to do this keep in mind that your iPhone, iPad or iPod must be jailbroken. This method is useful to install your packages like themes, games, manage your device and many more. In other words pretty much anything. We have seen a lot of how to tutorials on this matter but all of them are using PuTTY, but how about programs like Cyberduck. Compared to PuTTY setting up a connection is pretty much the same. This program comes for Windows and Mac. To get the latest version go to and download the appropriate version called cydia apps. Next install it on your computer.
After installing Cyberduck go into your iDevice and download from Cydia OpenSSh. Now run Cyberduck and click on the button on top left corner Open Connection, in the first drop down menu select SFTP, in the server field type the IP of your device. If you don’t know the IP go to your Settings > Wi-Fi Networks > [your router] > IP Address. In the port field type 22, where at username field type root and password field type ‘alpine’ without the quotes.
After hitting the Connect button you will have access to the entire file system of your iDevice. This method of connection is for advanced users so if you down know what you are doing please be careful.
Last time I have used SSH was to see if there are any modifications to the file system in iOS 7 compared to iOS 6. SSH to an iOS 7, yes you have guessed it. On December 22 team evasi0n released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. Those taking by surprise everybody, including saurik because of the lack of a tethered jailbreak to test and give a final version of Cydia for iOS 7.

FaceHalt iPhone’s version of Samsung’s Smart Pause

With all the fuss on the internet about Samsung Galaxy S4 it’s impossible to not know about some of its key features. For example in our post today we are going to talk about a tweak recently launched called FaiceHalt. This tweak does the same thing on an iPhone as Smart Pause does on a Galaxy S4. For me this tweak is something that I need the most. Now like a good friend of mine said I don’t need to buy Samsung to benefit from this function. I always found myself distracted and forgot to pause my videos with this my problem is solved. I think most of you will find this tweak quite interesting.


Maybe you are wondering how this works. The mechanism behind this is quite simple, for this to work you will need you front camera those making this tweak compatible with just a few iDevice with front camera like iPhone 4, 4S and 5, iPad 2, 3 and 4, iPad mini, iPod touch 5th gen.

If you want to get this wonderful tweak you will find it in the BigBoss repository for $1.99. Even though it does some crashes from time to time I still say money well spent.