Sports Games – the best sports games for iPhone and iPad

If you’re a fan of games created based on some of the most popular sports on pleneta, then Apple has for you an application called Sports Games section in which you advise them on the best of them available in the App Store.

We are talking about dozens of games covering the most popular sports existing in the world of football and to tennis, rugby, hockey or American football, each title being specially created to try to bring users as it may be more in the spirit of that sports.

Sports Games is listed by Apple only the best and most popular sports games ever released in the App Store for us so that we will face some titles that you probably know a certain extent, some being promoted in various occasions in App Store.

Since the beginning of two weeks ago Apple decided to hire people to choose applications promoted by these sections, you know that whatever the choice, it will be a good one and probably you will not regret your money.


iOS 10 beta 2 – first impressions

iOS 10 beta 2 was released for more than a day by Apple and in this article I will talk about my first impressions about the new version of the iOS 10  operating system that after last night I presented in detail   brings iOS 10 beta 2 users, many changes being offered.

ios 10 beta 2

For starters, I can say that iOS 10 beta 2 is faster than the previous version of iOS 10, Apple managed to improve significantly the performance of this build, that while solved and many operational problems, that although some still exist and probably will be resolved sometime in the fall.

Safari is much, much faster internet browsing in iOS 10 beta 2, and this change is visible right from the first time you access a website, the Apple improves most likely rendering engine of web pages to display after accessing content much faster.

Although the performances are better, iOS 10 beta 2 continues to hang randomly, especially when the jam, the problem is not present in iOS 10 beta 1, but in this version it seems to have solved some problems and put others at least as annoying.

Unfortunately, in my case, Touch ID still works properly so that fingerprints are recognized here and there, and a security code becomes mandatory in about half the cases unlock the terminal, the Apple seemed to be incapable to solve the problem.

Separately from this, iOS 10 beta 2 is a step forward made by Apple regarding the launch of iOS in October, but there are many solved until the operating system can be offered to the general public, so if you need in a stable, better wait.

iPhone 7 blue, black space and a Home button that vibrates

The rumor last week the launch of an iPhone Blue 7 seems to have been nothing more than an information invented, or at least that tells us a new source who said that Apple will not offer users such a change, but actually prepares a completely different. iphone -Blue

Specifically, Apple will change color gray casing, it will be a black space, similar to that used for the casing Apple Watch, the idea being to offer an amendment to suggest to users the idea that something has changed for the design terminal even if we are not talking about a shift Revolution. iPhone Blue 7 there I know many of you waited an iPhone Blue 7, but Apple seems to have such a product in development and there is a chance he will not ever appear on the market, even if users will require constantly launch but we hear rumors about him definitely in the future.

Monday’s indications from sources Macotakara Appear to be a clarification from Earlier reports that Apple Would ditch Suggested gray space for a “deep blue” color option. Sources Who claim to have seen the next-generation iPhone coloring apparently mistook the gray space for Darker shade of blue. Home button has tactile feedback Another information that is related to iPhone 7 is centered Home button on the device, Apple planning to give us a that provides tactile feedback when you press it, it is similar to that offered by Force Touch the idea being to simulate a click when you press.

In recent months they have occurred information suggesting that Apple could implement a motor vibrator in the Home button of the iPhone in July to simulate vibration and tactile feedback, but its usefulness is questionable given that screen terminals already provide such feedback when pressing strong or mild. EarPods wireless headsets Last week we were told very clearly that Apple will include an adapter that lets you connect your iPhone 7 headphones with a 3.5mm port or Lightning, and that will be included in the product box EarPods headphones standars and not some that Lightning connector are, or may be wireless.

Despite that information, today we learn that Apple would launch a pair of headphones EarPods wireless, they can be sold with iPhone in July, the idea behind these accessories is to allow loading terminal while they are used, work impossible to those connected to the Lightning port. In conclusion, Apple May change a color, put a vibrator motor and launches accessories that would should provide for free.

Block Safari Adult Content iOS 9

Everyone might not be a lover of the Safari browser but the truth is it’s enhanced a lot with all the launch of iOS 9. The brand new appearance, characteristics and equilibrium help in making it among the very employed cellular web browsers ever. Safari has many built in attributes that users are unaware of and this contains its ability to block any web site on users request.
With this particular feature users can’t merely block sites of their choice however they are also able to tell Safari to automatically block all sites that consist of mature content, a feature which is valued by parents.
Heres tips on how to configure and use Safaris limited sites feature in your system.
Besides blocking NSFW sites you may also make use of the limitation attribute to block specific sites you would like to prevent yourself from seeing. Including sites with an adverse affect on your own productivity like facebook.
Next look for Limitations choice and open it. You might need to enter passcode with this page so that you can get it.
There you will see several choices, simply tap to the Limit Mature Alternative in case you would like to block all mature sites. It is also possible to pick Unique Websites provided that you just need to block your wanted web pages just.
No matter which choice you selected above it is possible to add special sites in the Never Let section of the web site limitations page.
See there is an alternative of Always Let. This choice may be used to permit use of sites which were erroneously blocked by mature content filter.
Thats it! It’s possible for you to discuss your ideas about that attribute in the remarks section below.

Best Cydia Tweaks of 2015

The years coming to a finish.

See a tweak we lost talking about? Dont forget to remark about it!

The tellings are reachable with a swipe to another page to the lockscreen.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $0.99


Unlock7 is a little tweak to include an iOS 7-like unlock attribute to any or all iOS 6 apparatus. Older variants don’t have this attribute. Unlock7 makes sure you receive this attribute on your own apparatus running iOS 6.

Repo: ModMyi
Cost: Free


Quite useful in the event you browse a good deal on Safari.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free


The Messages program provides you with a privacy setting where you are able to conceal message previews to the lockscreen. However, what in the event you would like other programs to truly have a similar setting?

Repo: Private (
Cost: Free


Anemo is the most amazing fast-response tweaks weve seen in 2013. The user experience, the interface as well as the entire layout make Anemo worth the hefty price tag it comes with. Additionally, its a sound tweak that doesnt go berserk only when you need it to work right.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $2.99


Reminisce is a wonderful tweak that brings the fast-launching-from-recent-programs matter to iOS ecosystem. Its one of a kind tweak which makes it possible to open recently-obtained programs fast. The execution is kickass.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


Who said iPhones couldnt manage multi-tasking?

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


PanoMod enables panorama picture capture in older iPhone versions running iOS 6.

Repo: ModMyi
Cost: Free


This one is for lovers of launchers. Its quite versatile, letting you get quite lots of your preferred programs fast. And fairly customizable also.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


NCSearch adds search the internet capacity to the notification facility. Instead of opening Safari/Chrome, you can simply swipe down the telling facility and kind to search.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free


VineDownloader will allow you do that without any hassle.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $0.99


What goes on when Spotlight search abruptly becomes a good one who is able to answer fundamental questions just like Siri does? SmartSearch magically transforms Limelight search into an intelligent machine at which you can type who’s the President? and get the correct response. Test with it!

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free


However, what in the event you can simply control the music via gestures to the lockscreen? Swipes command the tune, the volume and double tap to play/pause how does it seem? Trendy? Attempt LockMusic afterward.

Repo: MacCiti
Cost: Free


However, outstanding tweak.

Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99


An easy swipe shoves the tellings away.

Repo: ModMyi
Cost: Free