How to SSH your iDevice using Cyberduck

downloadIn this article we are going to present How to SSH into your iDevice. But if you want to do this keep in mind that your iPhone, iPad or iPod must be jailbroken. This method is useful to install your packages like themes, games, manage your device and many more. In other words pretty much anything. We have seen a lot of how to tutorials on this matter but all of them are using PuTTY, but how about programs like Cyberduck. Compared to PuTTY setting up a connection is pretty much the same. This program comes for Windows and Mac. To get the latest version go to and download the appropriate version called cydia apps. Next install it on your computer.
After installing Cyberduck go into your iDevice and download from Cydia OpenSSh. Now run Cyberduck and click on the button on top left corner Open Connection, in the first drop down menu select SFTP, in the server field type the IP of your device. If you don’t know the IP go to your Settings > Wi-Fi Networks > [your router] > IP Address. In the port field type 22, where at username field type root and password field type ‘alpine’ without the quotes.
After hitting the Connect button you will have access to the entire file system of your iDevice. This method of connection is for advanced users so if you down know what you are doing please be careful.
Last time I have used SSH was to see if there are any modifications to the file system in iOS 7 compared to iOS 6. SSH to an iOS 7, yes you have guessed it. On December 22 team evasi0n released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7. Those taking by surprise everybody, including saurik because of the lack of a tethered jailbreak to test and give a final version of Cydia for iOS 7.