iOS 10 beta 2 – first impressions

iOS 10 beta 2 was released for more than a day by Apple and in this article I will talk about my first impressions about the new version of the iOS 10  operating system that after last night I presented in detail   brings iOS 10 beta 2 users, many changes being offered.

ios 10 beta 2

For starters, I can say that iOS 10 beta 2 is faster than the previous version of iOS 10, Apple managed to improve significantly the performance of this build, that while solved and many operational problems, that although some still exist and probably will be resolved sometime in the fall.

Safari is much, much faster internet browsing in iOS 10 beta 2, and this change is visible right from the first time you access a website, the Apple improves most likely rendering engine of web pages to display after accessing content much faster.

Although the performances are better, iOS 10 beta 2 continues to hang randomly, especially when the jam, the problem is not present in iOS 10 beta 1, but in this version it seems to have solved some problems and put others at least as annoying.

Unfortunately, in my case, Touch ID still works properly so that fingerprints are recognized here and there, and a security code becomes mandatory in about half the cases unlock the terminal, the Apple seemed to be incapable to solve the problem.

Separately from this, iOS 10 beta 2 is a step forward made by Apple regarding the launch of iOS in October, but there are many solved until the operating system can be offered to the general public, so if you need in a stable, better wait.