Samsung Galaxy Note 7 appears in a first image

A first image of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 occurred during the day on the internet, future smartphone premium Koreans will be officially presented until August 2, but here we now have the opportunity to see first how it looks and the new scanner iris, which certainly will attract likes.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks like a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, that has screen curved towards the outer edges of the casing in the upper part being visible change sensors and a camera to facilitate the implementation of that scanner iris, which will reinforce and security device.

According to rumors appeared lately, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have a screen of about 5.7 inches, and although in this picture is not seen very clearly diagonal, it is quite clear that we are talking about a smartphone large as in fact the entire series about Notes.
galaxy 7
Separately big screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will have specifications similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7, ie all chip Snapdragon 820 combined with one Eynos with similar performance, 4GB RAM, a main room of 12 or 13 megapixels, a front 5 megapixel camera and a battery that will likely close 3000 mAh.

If you will indeed be presented on August 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should survivor went on sale very shortly after that date.